Games that Nintendo needs to make

Nintendo have made some ingenious decisions and some perplexingly bad ones. From flipping their financial fortunes with the Wii, to letting it slip away with seemingly obvious hardware and branding mistakes a generation later. Nintendo do a lot right, and a lot to satisfy fans. They’ve addressed old school fans' demands by resurrecting of Punch-out!! and Kid... Continue Reading →


5 anime and manga perfect for Hollywood adaptation

Hollywood hasn’t had a whole lot of luck when it comes to adapting one of Japan’s premier exports, anime. Low points include Fist of the North Star, Speed Racer and Dragon Ball Evolution, giving the impression that the task is destined to fail. Adaptations often disrespect the source material and make needless changes, with many people also... Continue Reading →

Dead Keep

Written in 2014. Art by Thomas Mahon. The Dwarf Hogart was furious and punched the whimpering man in the gut. “We found this maggot slunking around the wyrmwood barrels” he barked. One of the younger dwarves, panicked and heavily sweating, cut in: “Having a body on our hands is dangerous. Hugo, use your tricks and... Continue Reading →

Abzû – Videogame review

From the director of Flower and Journey, and featuring another (with no hyperbole) breath-taking score from Austin Wintory, Abzû is trying to follow-up or surpass one of the best games I have played this year (Journey). A lone diver explores the mysterious ocean depths with a visual and gameplay style which will be instantly recognisable.

Shovel Knight – Videogame classic review

Shovel Knight is a short, but dense game, not wasting a single moment of the player's time. Every new screen brings something new, using the gameplay to tell its story and consistently satisfy. The difficulty is never rage inducing, but is high enough to give that sense of victory when each obstacle is overcome. It... Continue Reading →

Orphan Black: Seasons 1-3 – TV review

Spoiler-free review Orphan Black is a show about clones and their quest to discover where they came from and remain safe. There is plenty of intrigue, drama, sexy romance and violence along the way. The show centres around an ensemble largely played by one actress, Tatiana Maslany, who impressively pulls off every clone being a different... Continue Reading →

Downwell – Videogame review

Downwell is an arcadey platformer/shooter that challenges players to descend as far as the can amidst swarms of enemies. A creature's colouration determines how they must be attacked, with some dealing damage if jumped upon while others can only be dispatched this way. In moments of speedy free-fall, quickly reacting to what is appearing at the bottom of the screen is reminiscent of a... Continue Reading →

Undertale – Videogame review

Retro-styled games are not in short supply on Steam, from those using the art-style due to the restrictions of an indie budget to those who aim to push the boundaries of pixel-art and create refined amalgamations of classic mechanics. Undertale takes a very different approach to pushing boundaries, using old-school visuals and mechanics as the jumping... Continue Reading →

Symphony of the Night – Videogame classic review

Early Castlevania games took players on journeys through linear levels where every step forward brought tear-inducingly difficult obstacles. Symphony of the Night, while still maintaining the staples of gothic art-design and a memorable soundtrack, took the series in a different direction, with RPG elements and a large castle to traverse and backtrack through. Playing as... Continue Reading →

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