The Yawhg – Videogame review

Yawhg gonna love it.

The Yawhg is a multiplayer choose-your-own adventure game for between 2 and 4 players created by Emily Carroll and Damian Sommer. The ominous and unexplained “Yawhg” is approaching the city, and the player is given no indication what to do.

The art and music are quaint and attractive and the script writing is often funny. The game’s sense of fantasy stems not just from fantastical creatures, but also the oddly modern society and dialogue that inhabits the medieval-like world.

ss_a744080ce46f0fdb6bf9ee1483bea56302e5dc32.600x338The gameplay is incredibly simple; each player selects a place out of eight locations on the map and then selects from two activities. For example you can head to the Tavern and either bartend or drink. Each task increases some stats and a randomised event will occur, usually relevant to the location. You have a choice of how to deal with problems, shaping your character and the world around you.

The Yawhg is short, but should be played through multiple times in order to experience the multiple different endings. Hit indie game The Stanley Parable implemented a similar format, but used repetitiveness  in service of an overt statement about self-control, whereas this game has no obvious philosophical meanings..

For some this will be a positive as meaning found in the game is just more subtle and open-ended. The consequences of player’s actions can have enormous repercussions for the town. For example, publicly shaming somebody will lead to another player finding their hanged body later in the game.

Even though The Yawhg feels like it was intended to be played through multiple times, it is very easy to randomly stumble into a plot thread you have already seen when replaying. It is likely that a player will get tired of seeing the same things again before they witness everything there is to find.

The mellow atmosphere is refreshing, and the game is rewarding. The Yawhg is priced at seven pounds on Steam, and an engaged group of people can easily get a good three hours out of the game. If you want a social multiplayer experience and don’t feel like shooting any guns, the game is highly recommended.



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