Golf With Friends – Early Access Review

Golf With Friends strips away most of the frills of a party golf game but also trims a lot of fat. You don’t have to wait for your turn to putt but you do see what your (potentially twelve) opponents are doing in real-time.

The gameplay and visuals are simple. The power of the ball is controlled by dragging the mouse to varying lengths. Some stages are standard mini-golf fare but some bring in unrealistic Monkey Ball-esque elements.

There is limited ball customisation at the moment with control over your ball’s colour, but more is planned. There is a practice mode where you can ping around a training ground with other players. I came across one lobby where the leader claimed they were having a party and were just chilling amongst the balloons although I personally don’t see the fun in that. There is probably more potential for the practice mode with the addition of really hard to reach areas and secrets.

The game is easy enough on the eyes, but the cheesy stock-sounding music is only fun for a few minutes. However, it can always be turned off.

Popular Let’splayer Northernlion is currently airing a Golf with Friends tournament in which he uses a document that notes the correct power needed for success. This demonstrates that it can be worryingly easy just to memorise the best solution to a stage, especially with so few available right now. On the other hand, plenty of stages still had him scratching his head as later stages introduce obstacles which make the game more unpredictable. The developers are currently working on a Haunted House stage but making some more with the existing assets and dividing them by difficulty could serve the game well.


There are only two themes at the moment, Forest and Oasis and there is only one mode (Classic) where the player with the least strokes over 18 stages wins. Though the game is imperfect it is already at a stage where the fun to money ratio makes it a worthwhile purchase. The game could be something very special given time.


Steam – £4.79


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