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Zelda Universe News:

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Halo artist shares his take on a realistic Link redesign

Free Tri Force Heroes DLC released, new costumes and challenges

A Wind Waker map for Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Adventure Mode has been revealed

“My Fairy” is an all-new system in Hyrule Warriors Legends

Awesome handmade Zelda hoodie based on Link’s tunic up for sale on Etsy

Nintendo may not be attending GDC 2016

Fan Art gives a human face to Majora’s Mask

European box art for Twilight Princess HD revealed

Twilight Princess HD to feature fewer Tears of Light

Nintendo wins Mii patent case

Akira Himekawa shares new images from their Twilight Princess manga

Symphony of the Goddesses returns to the UK

Twilight Princess HD official website open

Nintendo President talks mobile games and the future of 3DS

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Free Pocky DLC distribution extended in Japan

Nintendo UK share “Head Back into Twilight” trailer

US pre-orders now open for A Link Between Worlds Link Deluxe Figma

The Badger News:

Driverless cars in the UK within 10 years

Research by Sussex reader to be presented at major conference